30th March

the last 30 to 40 years since I remember them being moved here from the Kitchen Garden. My father blamed the peacocks for spreading the eel worm which has apparently…

9th March

…(at the Hovel). It has crept further up into the garden but still has not touched much above the wall. Through the arch looks dreadful! Through the arch Through the

11th April

the one on the drive at Burncoose. Most flowers over but much larger and floppier than I have seen with more pink at the base of the tepals on the

18th April

the firms that take the main risk in these sorts of cases and are the only ones to benefit if they win – eg the post office managers)? The government…

10th April

…magnolia paintings. The sea rages. gale is battering the castle front Meanwhile, in the gale, a byzantine cock pheasant happily munches his way through the primrose flowers outside the front…

27th March

…As we stand today climate change is the least of our worries.The package announced by the chancellor yesterday for the self-employed gets the usual treatment from the bastards at the

11th May

…in and implicitly agreed. Nevertheless they betray their true colours as regards the economy which they are happy to continue to bankrupt in the interests of safety and the lack…

23rd March

…than garden visitors who mumble ‘loved the primroses’ as they depart when the magnolias are at their best. They seldom look up as my father always said. Primroses Scilla peruviana…

4th March

…to eating camellia flowers 2018 – CHW The last bits of snow outside the front door in the sun. Then heavy rain so only the snowdrifts remain on the roads….

1st May

…inspecting the plants themselves in the show tunnel. With such an early year in the garden and the rhododendrons full out three weeks earlier than normal it was with some…