9th March

…door is no longer rattled by ‘flying’ magnolia leaves. Much greenery stripped from michelias and evergreen oaks by Georges Hut and the michelia flowers smashed up. 2015 – CHW LEUCOJUM

25th March

…about to come out and seemingly undamaged. Magnolia ‘Iolanthe’ Rhododendron kiyosumense just showing on the drive. Another plant was out before the cold weather struck. Rhododendron kiyosumense Rhododendron kiyosumense Leucojum

27th January

…scabrifolium, parvifolium, lutescens and dahuricum and a few red arb’ms x Thompsonii now in flower. Bobs heath is very nice. Leucojum vernum, C coum, wild snowdrops and Aconites open also…