2 thoughts on “June

  1. to 15th January ’21: the picture with Cedrus libani shows a fir, Abies, of southern origin, maybee Abies numidica, but this can’t be determined easily. There are only four real cedars, all looking much asame. So it should look like its relative Cedrus brevifolia above, from Cypros (Kypros), but with longer needles (brevis short; in correct greek it should be named breviphylla). Whatelse is called ‘cedar’ in colloquial speech like red- white- bald- or mulanjee-cedar (the cypress of Malawi) belongs to different generae of conifers.
    Remarkable the seeds on Fitzroya, the Patagonian Cypress, as this is dioecious. This is of Lobb’s type as visible of the drooping branches and is different to its growth habit in nature. Seeds should be sown imidiatly without covering, and kept cool and steadily humid. Maybee one gets better upright growing plants than Lobb’s.

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