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  1. Hi Charles, very sad to hear Lithocarpus pachyphyllus dead, thought there was more than one though? I have a youngster 12ft bought from Burncoose years ago so I guess it would be seed from the big ones. Anyhow you are welcome to grafting material for Paul to have a go if required. I guess they are/were George Forrest plants?


    1. Dear Paul

      It is Lithocarpus henryi which has succumbed to old age.

      The Lithocarpus pachyphyllus, of which there are several, are still going strong and thankfully still producing huge seed clusters.

      The situation is therefore not as dire as all that.

      Best wishes


  2. Sent: 18 January 2017 17:59
    Subject: Cotoneaster Pink Champagne

    Dear Charles

    I happened upon your blog whilst researching Cotoneaster and found your
    post regarding what you thought was Cotoneaster ‘Pink Champagne’ on
    the 5th November (possibly 2015). Lovely photos!

    I can tell you that it is not that variety. It is almost certainly C.
    frigidus, I thought perhaps the variety ‘fructoluteo’ but the fruit is
    a little too pink, so it may be the Exbury clone ‘Inchmery’ which is
    supposed to have yellow turning soft pink fruit. Either way it is a
    lovely thing and you should propagate it. I don’t think anyone grows
    these varieties anymore. Most likely it will not come true from seed,
    but if you have any spare I would love to try.

    I hope you are well. It is a long time since we last spoke.

    All the very best.


    1. Dear David

      Re Cotoneaster frigidus ?’Inchmery’

      This plant was a gift from John Bond / Windsor Great Park following the terrible hurricane damage at Caerhays in January 1990. It came along with a number of tender hollies which I can trace records for but not the cotoneaster! The ‘ordinary’ Cotoneaster frigidus is occasionally seen in older Cornish gardens in maturity but, as you say, nobody grows these plants anymore!

      You are welcome to seed next autumn and I will make a note to remind me.

      Thank you for enlightening us. I will amend the blog. Is not this sort of thing the real fun and passion of plants and gardening.

      Best wishes


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