13th December

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2017 – CHW

More from Burncoose and an inspection of our latest improvements.

Bare root trees for potting before Christmas.

Bare root trees for potting
Bare root trees for potting
Plenty of last minute orders to go out in the week before Christmas.
orders to go out
orders to go out
New racking for our cardboard boxes.
New racking
New racking
The start of the third packing shed for packing large orders on pallets. The posts are in but still some way to go.
third packing shed
third packing shed

2016 – CHW
A good clear up above the gents loo. Tree heather cut back and ivy off the wall.
clear up above the gents loo
clear up above the gents loo

The second Camellia sasanqua ‘Hugh Evans’ is full out in a pot by the front door. The first now over.

Camellia sasanqua ‘Hugh Evans’
Camellia sasanqua ‘Hugh Evans’
Sea mist and sun shroud the lake and beach. Getting colder after a warm dampish spell.
Sea mist and sun shroud the lake and beach
Sea mist and sun shroud the lake and beach

2015 – CHW

The new 2016 Burncoose Nurseries mail order catalogue is at the final proof stage. As usual there is an absolute ‘howler’ on the front page which fortunately, this year, we have spotted in time and quite a few other major errors. There is never enough time to peruse it properly with all the let shooting in December and the initial proofing on holiday in the Isle of Wight in July is now a distant memory. Publication and posting to 20,000 current mail order customers will hopefully occur between Christmas and the New Year. This exercise in free catalogues costs £20k and we will consider a two year catalogue for 2017. However 25% of our customers still say they have our catalogue open beside them when they order online. Some traditions die hard!

I have also now signed off on the final proof of six months of transcription of the Garden Diary from 1897 which can now be added to my daily pictorial online blog ready for the New Year. The final proof took two hours of work per month and many anomalies remain. Plant names have changed, my great grandfather’s comments are not always still legible and since I know little about daffodils his references to them may be a bit confused especially where he abbreviates.

2000 – FJW
Visit from ‘Luckay Lu’ [an itinerant lunatic living rough who had escaped from the Bodmin nuthouse and was eventually captured in the ladies’ loo after many dramas].

1981 – FJW
Storm of strong proportions following 7 invincible weeks.

1972 – FJW
November Pink not yet out – 10 days of gales and much rain.

1961 – FJW
SS Allegrelti wrecked below Coastguards Hut (rebound from Portscatho).

1929 – JCW
Camellia sasanqua nice, Camellia oleifera opens. One Thea forrestii. Some nice flowers of Roylei, fair of Learsiae. Hamamelis just starting. Mucronulatum open. Darleyense some flowers.

1924 – JCW
Hamamelis mollis are opening and Erica darleyense. Cotoneaster salicifolia and Berberis polyantha are the best things. It began to go back on Jan 17th.

1898 – JCW
Narcissi ‘Lillywhite’ out in flower, several Iris stylosa alba seedlings in the pans well on the move, Emperor breaking soil.