24th December

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2016 – CHW
This is the first primrose out on the bank opposite the front door. I saw it a week ago first. No others yet showing.

first primrose
first primrose

2015 – CHW
Christmas Eve – still in bed with splitting headache.

1988 – FJW
Camellias as 1977. Very mild indeed for time of year. Supposed to be a 50°F xmas.

1977 – FJW
Williamsii well out. Pink Saluenensis by Gunroom in flower. George Blandford ¼ out very early. Wet year to date with gales. Many big rhodo’s and magnolias seem to have decided to live after 1976 drought.

1962 – FJW
10 degrees frost beginning of cold spell and easterly gales.

1941 – CW
Camellias out – oleifera, double white (Engine House), and a few speciosa hybrids. Cam sasanqua nearly over. Rho mucronulatum very good. Also a Sutchuenense hybrid above Rookery. Some lapagerias and fuschias. Odd bits of forsythia and hamamelis.