2nd December

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2018 – CHW (photos to follow)

Rhododendron cinnabarinum appears to be full out again. This is not the first time it has been out in autumn but previously these were secondary flowers rather than the main display. Looking at the buds on the plant this would appear to be next spring’s showing.

This may be a year when there have been relatively few rabbits but those that are still around have been doing a wonderful job gnawing magnolia branches where they can reach them easily. Magnolias must be kept within wire netting surrounds for as long as possible!

2017 – CHW

These are the plants delivered yesterday from Crug Farm as additions to the collection here:

Acer sikkimense WWJ11613
Acer sikkimense WJC13674
Illicium philippinense CWJ12466
Sorbus ullungdonensis BSWJ 12640
Meliosma myriantha v. discolour MF 97132
Turpinia ternata CWJ12360
Aristolochia semepervirens BSWJ13600
Dactylicapnos ventii WJC13786
Holboellia latiflora ssp. Chartacea HWJK2213d Dark Flowered
Acer eryranthrum FMWJ13157
Acer laevigatum FMWJ13439
Betula insignis ssp. fansipanensis FMWJ 13149
Clethra fabri FMWJ13037
Dendropanax cf. kwangtungensis FMWJ13274
Ilex chapaensis HWJ946
Ternstromia kwangtungensis FMWJ13402
Euonymus porphyreus BSWJ9377
Lindera neesiana BSWJ13984
Merrilliopanax alpinus BSWJ13939
Tetracentron sinense v. himalense WJC13818
Neolitsia sericea Yellow Fruit CWJ12830
Schefflera macrophylla
Schefflera rhododendifolia
Schefflera aff. chapana

The three sorts of schefflera are for the show tunnel at Burncoose to grow on for Chelsea 2018 together with other species growing there. Schefflera will be one key theme of our stand. Wonderful architectural plants! I spent the afternoon today picking out 100 to 130 plants from the frames and greenhouse here to plant out in the new Isla Rose Plantation on Monday 11th December.

2016 – CHW
Jasminum mesneyi is full out above the tower on the lawn. It is growing out of the wall hidden within a clump of Jasminum beesianum. Very pretty indeed and odd to find a yellow flower on anything in December.

Jasminum mesneyi
Jasminum mesneyi
Jasminum mesneyi
Jasminum mesneyi
Next door the small quinces on Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Geisha Girl’ have turned yellowish orange and are being eaten my mice, rats or pheasants. Terrible smell.
Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Geisha Girl’
Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Geisha Girl’
Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Geisha Girl’
Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Geisha Girl’
Down the bank the tender Salvia x jamensis ‘Hot Lips’ remains in full radiant flower. It has survived here for several winters.
Salvia x jamensis ‘Hot Lips’
Salvia x jamensis ‘Hot Lips’
Salvia x jamensis ‘Hot Lips’
Salvia x jamensis ‘Hot Lips’
Hanging over the wall above the salvia is a flower of Magnolia grandiflora.
Magnolia grandiflora
Magnolia grandiflora
All on a coldish afternoon in December! Amazing in a week when we have had our first touch of frost.

2015 – CHW

Still none of the forecast heavy rain.

Hydrangea ‘Fireworks’ at The Hovel turning still has the odd decent flower and has now been out since late June.

Hydrangea ‘Fireworks’
Hydrangea ‘Fireworks’
Hydrangea ‘Fireworks’
Hydrangea ‘Fireworks’

Hidden beside it is a Rhododendron moupinense full out in the shade. The odd flower photographed a week or two ago was therefore not an aberration or a secondary flowering.

Rhododendron moupinense
Rhododendron moupinense

Prunus Shirotae nearby has lost many of its leaves but what remain are a rather lovely yellow. So is the younger one at the cash point.

Prunus Shirotae
Prunus Shirotae

1944 – CW
Camellia oleifera very good but not at its best. Still an odd flower on Magnolia delavayi and Auriculatum hybrids. Camellia sasanqua past its best. First Hamamelis out and some heath. Very wet autumn and moors flooded right across for some weeks.

1922 – JCW
Very few bulbs above the ground. C sasanqua in flower but very few buds. A few lapagerias. Erica hybrida opening. Cotoneaster salicifolia very nice at the reservoir. Some Maddeni x nice.

1905 – JCW
A useful lot of daffs are on the move, of all sizes and ages, but the King Alfred blood is most prominent. C sasanqua is good. A few coums show flower. Some roses going yet. Primroses are very late.

1900 – JCW
A good few five year olds through the ground. Picked this years crop of rhodo seed.