18th January

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2017 – CHW
Lizzie is renovating the Ante Room. This includes adding steps onto the lawn which Jaimie and Michael have just installed. This will allow guests to move from the main hall onto the lawn and for Lizzie to enjoy sitting in the late evening sun! Previously we had used a rather tatty old ramp with plastic grass on big occasions. This is much better.
steps onto the lawn
steps onto the lawn

2016 – CHW
Another absurdity in full flower is Photinia davidiana ‘Red Robin’. I photographed another Photinia davidiana form in flower in the autumn. Photinias are not normally noted for their flower which is insignificant against the new growth in late spring.

Photinia davidiana ‘Red Robin’
Photinia davidiana ‘Red Robin’

1991 – FJW
Iraq War began – Rain returned after minor cold snap.

1985 – FJW
24 hours of SNOW – cut off here. No post – Northerners here and powerless to leave.

1943 – CW
It has been a long wet mild spell, almost all Rhodo’s as 1928. Some Moupinense and Lutescens at their best, Hamamelis still good, also some Rho mucronulatum. Speciosa on wall open at the top wall. Hybrids some covered with flower. Cam reticulata species just showing pink buds, a few snowdrops, no sign of any daff colour.

1928 – JCW
Scabrifolium, lutescens, mucronulatum, strigillosum, baileyi. Blood red hybrid, Barbatum, moupinense, parvifolium, irroratum all show flowers and Keiskei and Keysii.

1924 – JCW
Two or three daffs open, R scabrifolium is nice, R venustum is the best Rhodo now, Hamamelis is going back. Blood red hybrid is opening. Camellia speciosa is quite nice.

1907 – JCW
But one daff shows colour, no Soleil D’or, P megasoefolia open but a moderate lot.

1903 – JCW
I have been away for a week and C too, he has found the first Minimus open, Coums at their best, two or three Aconites out, all these are late.

1901 – JCW
The first Soleil D’or open.