20th January

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2017 – CHW
Rhododendron ‘Seta’ (moupinense x spinuliferum) is apparently a Bodnant hybrid. I had always thought it was a Bolitho cross from Trengwainton and certainly Colonel Edward Bolitho always claimed it was. A very early flowerer but short lived. The clump at Burncoose is better and the old clump on Burns Bank long dead here. These are the first few flowers above the Auklandii Garden.

Rhododendron ‘Seta’
Rhododendron ‘Seta’

2016 – CHW
The new clearing of old reticulata camellias and Viburnum odoratissimum will be ready for a new rhododendron planting when the stumps can be removed.

clearing of old reticulata camellias and Viburnum odoratissimum
clearing of old reticulata camellias and Viburnum odoratissimum

Nearby Cornus honkongensis has a perfect leaf cover. I would say it must be an evergreen but Hillier’s do not mention this. I photographed a few small flowers last summer.

Cornus honkongensis
Cornus honkongensis

1993 – FJW
First daffs out on the drive near Nobleanum.

1973 – FJW
First snowdrop. Flowers on Talavera and Red Admiral – mild wet winter to date.

1963 – FJW
Heaviest fall of snow to date – Bedroom force – we have now had 3 weeks of very cold weather. Garden barren of flower.

1913 – JCW
Only one or two Camellias open, C coum very nice, just an Aconite or two, Snowdrops hardly showing. Clematis chrysocoma good even after the cold, a few roses? Heaths good including a new lot of hybrida, Lady Clare at the back of the Library open.

1912 – JCW
Many Camellias open, several daffs out – P megasoefolia fair, N cyclamineus open, Clematis anomala open, Rhodoⁿ lutescens.

1904 – JCW
The first yellow crocus have been open for some days, as in 1900 for the rest.

1903 – JCW
Primula megasoefolia is well open and has been since October, the above are also out.

1901 – JCW
About the same as the above, crossed some forced Tenby with Minimus.

1900 – JCW
Picked three Minimus very late – Snowdrops look well but are not quite all out, several Aconite show, Crocus imperati nearly over.