22nd January

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2018 – CHW

Look at how much woodpeckers have been enjoying the rotten centre of this old sycamore tree.

old sycamore tree
old sycamore tree

2017 – CHW
A surprising find today. The tender Chilean Peumus boldus in full flower by Tin Garden. The flower clusters are white and stand proud at the end of the stems. I have never seen this evergreen in flower before and it is covered. The reference books say it is a summer flowering small tree or large shrub. Is this early or late?
Peumus boldus
Peumus boldus
Peumus boldus
Peumus boldus

2016 – CHW
As expected Magnolia ‘Star Wars’ has several flowers showing a rather pale colour. Not as far out as its sister, Magnolia ‘Red Lion’, pictured a week or so ago.

Magnolia ‘Star Wars’
Magnolia ‘Star Wars’

Magnolia zenii above the greenhouse has one decent flower out. A good month earlier than we looked at this with Jim Gardiner last year in the first week of March.

Magnolia zenii
Magnolia zenii

1998 – FJW
Spawning in Greenhouse pond goes on a pace – a great deal of Rhodo but magnolias not all that forward.

1954 – CW
First Magnolia campbellii full out – many double Camellias as Mathotiana. Double Prunus by Kennel, several Reticulata seedlings. Red Admiral at Ririei out a week. Some Red Arboreum x and also Sutchuenense, Cross Bill x Golden Oriole. Machrostenem – 8 Reticulata seedlings and Mary W.

1929 – JCW
H mollis quite wonderful. Parvifolium is good and nothing else – four weeks of wind and cold.1928 – JCW
E darleyense ⅓ open Camellia speciosa, H mollis – R mucronulatum, R parvifolium, R moupinense all nice, Lutescens in the hall, several good hybrids open.

1927 – JCW
E darlyense starts, some Lapagerias, Blood red hybrids have been out for a month, no daffs. Mucronulatum, H mollis and Camellia sasanquas are all past. One or two sutchuenense hybrids show colour, the majority have no bud.

1921 – JCW
Hamamelis is over, E darleyense is at its best, R mucronulatum is passing. The pink Obtusum remains very good. C coums are nice, Cotoneaster salicifolia good. Many early Rhodos are far enough on to pick buds off them including R argenteum.

1908 – JCW
Snowdrops and Aconites been out for 8 to 10 days. C coums at their best. Roses hold on yet. We have had frost but not really very hard. C balearica nice.

1897 – JCW
Iris stylosa in flower at Tregony been out for a week.