24th January

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2020 – CHW

Over the course of the last four months I have regularly photographed the seed heads on Magnolia rostrata which was planted in 1999. In previous years the seed heads looked to be developing but turned out to be sterile with no actual seeds in them when they fell. This year is rather different as you can see. Probably the result of two dry summers and now a multitude of seeds emerging from each seed head. The seeds are a dull orange in colour and very tightly packed; quite different to the colour of ripe Magnolia campbellii or Magnolia mollicomata seeds. They are also thin and flattened, not rounded like most other magnolia seeds. Something for Asia to have a go at now.

Magnolia rostrata
Magnolia rostrata
Magnolia rostrata
Magnolia rostrata

2019 – CHW
More trees down into the road by Battery Walk after a strong northerly gale and a bit of a rush to clear them so the school bus can get past.

trees down
trees down

2018 – CHW
First colour on Magnolia ‘Todds Fortyniner’ above the greenhouse. Not quite the first out this year unlike the last two years.

Magnolia ‘Todds Fortyniner’
Magnolia ‘Todds Fortyniner’
Camellia ‘California Sunset’ flowering for the first time with us. Planted two years ago and imported from France. An odd name for a camellia flowering in January but quite a nice large flower. Huge central stamens.
Camellia ‘California Sunset’
Camellia ‘California Sunset’
Camellia ‘California Sunset’
Camellia ‘California Sunset’

2017 – CHW
First flower on Rhododendron moupinense below Donkey Shoe. About on par with last year?
Rhododendron moupinense
Rhododendron moupinense

2016 – CHW
Frost has caught what I thought from a distance was another Rhododendron ‘Christmas Cheer’ which was full out. According to the 2008 planting plan it is an FJW hybrid between decorum and ‘Winter Intruder’ which seems improbable. Only one of the three in the clump is out and I do not think we have ever seen this one in flower before. Nothing to write home about anyway.
hybrid between decorum and ‘Winter Intruder’
hybrid between decorum and ‘Winter Intruder’

2004 – FJW
Snowdrops fully out. First daffs out on the drive. Williamsii and Wild Reticulatas at their best. Rhodo’s very much as 1943.1965 – FJW
Winston Churchill died.

1943 – CW

(Typed note attached in Garden Book)
Rhododendrons in flower at Caerhays on Jan 24th 1943
Moupiense in good flower
Rerii “ “
Irroratum “ “
Pink Arboreum “ “
Barbatum “ “
Lutescens “ “

Mucronulatum nearly over
Decorum odd late flower

Argenteum * I could fill a show vase, rest odd flowers.
Racemosum* (Oleifolium)

Blood Red Arboreum x Thompsonii all well out
Sutchenense x Arboreum “ “
Burmanicum x Moupiense “ “
Lutescens x Moupiense “ “
Also several bits of Azalea Amoena and Kurume

Grande full out at Trewidden (handwritten note)
Signed C.W.

1925 – JCW
Some way behind the above. No sign of Argenteum, Keiskii, longistylum but the others show signs. Camellia speciosa very nice. Erica darleyense far and away the best thing and always is at this time.

1920 – JCW
18 species of Rhodoⁿ are open or opening mucronulatum, lutescens, piacenosum, primulinum, moupinense, irroratum, barbatum, ciliatum, scabrifolium, neriiflorum, Indicaforma, Dahuricum semperivens, longistylum, keiskii, argenteum, sutchuenense, Pink arboreum, Blood red Arboreum.

1898 – JCW
Picked a seedling Maximus fully open, several Minor open.

1897 – JCW
Ice on pond but rather tops frost.