8th January

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2018 – CHW (photos to follow)

Bitterly cold east wind today and a trip to Burncoose forgetting my gloves. The pictures will be as cold as I felt but, as always, a few missing photographs for the website jumped out and a few new things to look at.

Camellia ‘Tregye’ out early. A Tregrehan hybrid which I had forgotten together with its location in the garden.

Camellia ‘Sundae’ is new to the 2018 catalogue. Rather like Camellia ‘Bokuhen’ I think? Even Camellia ‘Amemoniflora’ but darker? A Trehane introduction I suspect?

First rather poor flowers on the young plants (first year grafts) in the nursery of Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Aurora’ with yellow flowers at first turning bronzy-yellow. Larger plants still to show colour.

A nice new batch of plants labelled as Eriobotrya ‘Coppertone’ without any sign of the coppery new growth yet. Now properly classified as x Raphiobotrya ‘Coppertone’ since it is a US cross between eriobotrya and raphiolepsis. The plant at Caerhays has more rounded flatter leaves as you would expect but is semi-mature. In fact I do not see much raphiolepsis in these plants at all? I wonder if this is simply an eriobotrya with red new growth and not the x raphiobotrya cross at all? Eriobotrya deflexa in fact? Need to keep an eye on these plants – the jury is out!

Mahonia nitens ‘Cabaret’ with a few blue seeds left. I have missed the flowers but the leaf structure is pleasant.

Mahonia gracilipes. These are seedlings and a bit variable as can be seen from the leaf colours. Some have a purple hue while others remain green. A good new plant which will become popular once it is better known.

2017 – CHW
Camellia japonica ‘Alba plena’ with first flower out at Donkey Shoe.

Camellia japonica ‘Alba plena’
Camellia japonica ‘Alba plena’
Rhododendron moorii in bud and just coming out. The pink tinge suggests it may be a slight hybrid but it is part of a large clump of which the remainder are white (with dark blotching in the trumpets). This is very premature but only the pink ones are yet breaking bud.
Rhododendron moorii
Rhododendron moorii
Rhododendron moorii
Rhododendron moorii
Rhododendron moorii
Rhododendron moorii

2016 – CHW

I find some damage in the Top Garden.

Rhododendron ‘Penvose’, a Caerhays hybrid, is half uprooted but can probably be saved if cut back hard (again) and reembedded in the soil.

Rhododendron ‘Penvose’
Rhododendron ‘Penvose’

A small Nothofagus has gone over thus proving yet again how badly this genus performs in the wind. This was a young tree planted in 1991 of about 15 to 20 feet in height. They are surface and shallow rooted trees. Probably a Nothofagus alpina.

small Nothofagus
small Nothofagus

Camellia ‘Mary Costa’ is well out by the big Acer griseum.

Camellia ‘Mary Costa’
Camellia ‘Mary Costa’

1991 – FJW
Very wet, very mild and stormy since New Years day. Front door White Camellia well out. Flower on Magnolia delavayi.

1971 – FJW
Frost stopped on 4th – November Pink fully out again on this date. J.C.W starting.

1967 – FJW
Family all went to church for first time. Minor interruptions.

1911 – JCW
I saw Aconite and several snowdrops.

1899 – JCW
Picked the first minimus flowers, minor just in sight, many of the Caerhays also, no M de Graaf but G mundii is in some places, some Coums open.

1898 – JCW
Charles saw first minor above ground.

1897 – JCW
Several flowers of yellow crocus out, Frome, Madam de G, Weardale all break soil.