22nd March

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2017 – CHW (photos to follow)

Passed by Parliament Square at 2.20 some 10 minutes before the terrorist atrocity en route to Vincent Square and a police lockdown.

Showed Cephalotaxus fortunei at the 275th Garden Society dinner at Whites. Pollen everywhere! Home on the overnight sleeper – new carriages.

2016 – CHW 
A 24 hour trip to London for The Garden Society dinner (64 attendees) and back on the night train. Not the greatest display of plants I have seen but some nice things – Abies pindro, Lindera umbellata, Viburnum furcatum, Michelia platypetala.

I took two forms of what we now call Michelia doltsopa and explained the puzzle between this and Michelia floribunda which ‘the experts’ say we do not have and Michelia manipurense which we may now have. Also Michelia ‘Touch of Pink’ and Michelia ‘Silver Cloud’ as well. It made them all laugh and we had a very jolly dinner in what is now known as the ‘naughty corner’ with Jim Gardiner (who retires from the RHS in October), my brother and Thomas Methuen-Campbell.

Michelia doltsopa
Michelia doltsopa
MICHELIA floribunda
MICHELIA floribunda
MICHELIA 'Touch of Pink'
MICHELIA ‘Touch of Pink’

Michelia doltsopa ‘Silver Cloud’
Michelia doltsopa ‘Silver Cloud’

1996 – FJW
Phillip saw first swallows – now very wet.

1992 – FJW
Saw a flock of the swallow family flying around the pond.

1947 – CW
No colour on any Magnolias, Camellia hybrids not nearly at their best and only Mary reticulata out. Blood reds and Rireii beginning to be good, also Sutchuenense hybrids. Not 100 flowers out in Tin Garden but come on a lot the last week. Still a lot of snowdrops. Rho moupinense good and Rho praecox beginning.

1940 – CW
Mag campbellii and sargenteanum opening. Salicifolia above Camellias fully out. Camellia hybrids very good also Reticulata species and Lady Clare. Rhodo sutchuenense hybrids and reds at their best, red Auklandii coming. Lutescens very good. Most daffodils out.

1924 – JCW
The east wind has left for a time and after a dry three weeks it is mild and damp, far behind 1921. No Auklandii hybrids red or white, few buds and most of them frosted.

1921 – JCW
The Auklandii x White Arboreum are good. The red Auklandii wanes. The heath Erica darleyense fades. Rho bodartianum is good, the first Mag Consipua and is open. Cerasus subhirtella not open yet.

1920 – JCW
The Berberis pinnata is VG, Cerasus subhirtella and pendula is good, heaths are excellent particularly arborea. Over 70 species of Rhodo open. I put scintillans first.

1913 – JCW
Some Poets are open, several Erica australis half open. The Arboreums about mid season. Anemone alpinia at their best. Many reticulatas open.

1907 – JCW
Bob saw the first martins.