22nd October

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2017 – CHW

This is what Hurricane Ophelia did to the sand on the beach at Porthluney.

sand on the beach at Porthluney
sand on the beach at Porthluney
sand on the beach at Porthluney
sand on the beach at Porthluney

2016 – CHW
Horrid, very ripe bindweed seed outside the back yard, hidden, until now, in an azalea.
bindweed seed
bindweed seed

A clutch of new bought in magnolias from Magnoliastore. This is the list with several nice new things:Magnolia acuminata ‘Seiju’Magnolia Kobus ‘Isis’ ® (Maráczi)

Magnolia Chameleon (‘Chang Hua’)

Magnolia ‘Charles Coates’

Magnolia ‘Crystal Tulip’

Magnolia ‘Flamingo’

Magnolia ‘Fukuja’

Magnolia ‘Pink Charm’

Magnolia ‘Purple Eye’

Magnolia ‘Purple Star’

Magnolia ‘Sentinel’

Magnolia ‘Sybille’

magnolias from Magnoliastore
magnolias from Magnoliastore
This pyrus originated from Werrington. Its flowers have a vile smell which it takes its name after but I cannot remember or trace it in the reference books. I might get it from the Werrington Chinese Garden plant list. It may well be Pyrus pashia.

2015 – CHW
Symphoricarpos albus (Snowberry) on the lawn still has some leaves but the large white marble like berries are already forming. This used to be a much larger clump under the yew tree but my mother and I dug it up to make room for a swing some 50 years ago. This whole area was once covered by a huge Pinus insignis which I remember being felled. The indentation in the lawn where the stump was burnt and then covered with earth is still clear.

Symphoricarpos albus (Snowberry)
Symphoricarpos albus (Snowberry)

Just inside the gate in a corner is Sarcococca saligna now in full flower. This is a less well known species of Sarcococca with no scent and suckering stems up to about four feet and attractive narrow leaves. Quite tender and prone to being cut to the ground in a very cold winter.

Sarcococca saligna
Sarcococca saligna
Sarcococca saligna
Sarcococca saligna

1982 – FJW
Two flowers on smaller C williamsii in Big Quarry.

1957 – FJW
Picked flowers Cam oleifera, 1 flower Burmanicum, Yellow Hammer good for a long time. Lapagerias and fuchsias excellent. Sasanquas flowering well having had last year off. Picked 3 ½ opened buds November Pink.

1943 – CW
Double white Camellia below Engine House out – also some Cornish Scarlet and a lot of Yellow Hammer – Sasanqua in full flower on wall. Mag delavayi and grandiflora both have flowers, also Nigra and Conpsicua.

1934 – JCW
Some Mag delavayi is in flower and perhaps more to come.

1932 – JCW
Magnolia delavayi has no flowers now, but Mag grandiflora has a number. The hydrangeas are good. C panniculata is V.G.

1928 – JCW
Camellia sasanquas start. Hydrangeas start, some blooms on Mag delavayi and grandiflora.

1927 – JCW
Clematis panniculata good. R moyesii fruit, also not much bud on Camellia sasanqua.

1922 – JCW
A late cool dry period for the last 3 weeks. Hydrangeas, roses, cyclamen, R moyesii (fruit) are all good.

1900 – JCW
Some Polyanthus up. Many good roses on walls and in beds. Belladonna V.G.

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