Other nice things from the Rosemoor Show

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Rhododendron arizelum

Rhododendron vernicosum (Rock 18139)

Rhododendron rex

Rhododendron platypodum

Rhododendron habrotrichium (F 27343)

Rhododendron hyperythrum

Rhododendron pingianum

Rhododendron rex ssp. fictolacteum (R 22227)

Rhododendron argyrophyllum

Rhododendron laetum

Rhododendron periclymenoides

Menziesia ‘Dartmoor Storm’ (now Rhododendron!)

Menziesia ‘Shepherds Delight’ (now Rhododendron!)

Rhododendron (menziesia) formerly ciliicalyx x var. purpurea (bit confused myself!)

Menziesia ‘Spring Morning’ (now Rhododendron)

Menziesia ‘Smokey Rose’ (now Rhododendron)

Magnolia laevifolia ‘Gails Favourite’

Rhododendron argyrophyllum ‘Chinese Silver’

Rhododendron wallichii

Rhododendron excellans

Rhododendron tyermanii

Rhododendron ‘Plover’ (edgeworthii x dendrocharis)

Azalea ‘Irohayama’