10th July

…its flowers can hang down without trailing on the ground. No label. Cantua buxifolia Cantua buxifolia Cantua buxifolia 1995 – FJW Some rain at last – after several weeks dry….

29th July

…Not hugely different to ‘Honey Angels’ in reality. Crocosmia ‘Pauls Best Yellow’ Crocosmia ‘Pauls Best Yellow’ Odd shaped seeds on Cantua buxifolia – not seen before. Cantua buxifolia Cantua buxifolia…

6th August

…hanging seed pods. Nothing in this year’s drought. Rehderodendron macrocarpum 2017 – CHW Eucomis have leaf tufts at the top of the flower spikes. Here they are! Eucomis Eucomis Cantua

8th July

…of the trouble.Agapanthus, canna and hedychium are about three weeks later than last year and still not yet out. The Cantua buxifolia was nearly dead but not much else. Here…