30th May

Next Day > < Previous Day CONTRIBUTORS: FJW 1955-2007 CHW 2015- JCW 1897-1939 CW 1940-1955 2019 – CHW Pterostyrax corymbosa just coming out on Bond Street. Pterostyrax corymbosa Pterostyrax corymbosa

2nd June

…are about halfway in size and shape between Pterostyrax hispida and Pterostyrax corymbosa but out a bit before or alongside the leaves. Pterostyrax psilophyllus Pterostyrax psilophyllus Enkianthus hirtinervus now full…

13th October

…– JCW I came from Scotland. Hydrangeas good, and so Solanum.. The flower of Rho auriculatum open and some R decorum and keysii. C corymbosa good, a few roses about….