12th August

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2017 – CHW

This evergreen Illicium lanceolatum came to us from Mark Fillan as a new species (to us) of illicium a year ago. It was fairly pot bound and is now growing in shade in Old Park. This is its first flowering here. A seed head is clearly in evidence and needs to be collected when ripe and hard. Then it needs a soaking in water to release the individual seeds before planting in a seed tray. This is the second new species of illicium to flower here this year.

Illicium lanceolatum
Illicium lanceolatum

Illicium lanceolatum

Illicium lanceolatum
Illicium lanceolatum

2016 – CHW
No entry.

2015 – CHW
No entry.

1953 – CW
Auriculatum at best or going over. White hybrids good. Eucryphia pinnatifolia big plant over. Rest at best. Nymansii very good, some cyclamen and lapagerias. Very hot over Bank Holiday.

1948 – CW
H.H.Hume, University of Florida came today on Camellias most interesting. Likes plants.

1918 – JCW
Have cut nearly all the gladiolus, Buddleias are fair, one of Wilson’s Hydrangeas are good, very little else. The 1917 winer killed the gladiolus.

1916 – JCW
Romneya very good indeed, hundreds of flowers out, nothing much else in the shrub way left. Our hybrid gladilous look very nice, and very refined range of colours.

1913 – JCW
A late C, I go north tomorrow. Solanum good. Buddleia fair, even good. Very short of rain.