12th August

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2018 – CHW (photos to follow)

The fallen record tree, Ligustrum confusum, is shooting vigorously from the base. I see no reason not to let it grow away again and cut it back to one leader eventually.

Euphorbia stygiana did not much like us taking its cuttings in May and has poor regrowth near the top of the tree in the drought.

This elderly Magnolia sieboldii has died in the drought. Thirty to forty years old I think and not planted when I was present. They are short lived.

2017 – CHW

This evergreen Illicium lanceolatum came to us from Mark Fillan as a new species (to us) of illicium a year ago. It was fairly pot bound and is now growing in shade in Old Park. This is its first flowering here. A seed head is clearly in evidence and needs to be collected when ripe and hard. Then it needs a soaking in water to release the individual seeds before planting in a seed tray. This is the second new species of illicium to flower here this year.

Illicium lanceolatum
Illicium lanceolatum

Illicium lanceolatum

Illicium lanceolatum
Illicium lanceolatum

2016 – CHW
No entry.

2015 – CHW
No entry.

1953 – CW
Auriculatum at best or going over. White hybrids good. Eucryphia pinnatifolia big plant over. Rest at best. Nymansii very good, some cyclamen and lapagerias. Very hot over Bank Holiday.

1948 – CW
H.H.Hume, University of Florida came today on Camellias most interesting. Likes plants.

1918 – JCW
Have cut nearly all the gladiolus, Buddleias are fair, one of Wilson’s Hydrangeas are good, very little else. The 1917 winer killed the gladiolus.

1916 – JCW
Romneya very good indeed, hundreds of flowers out, nothing much else in the shrub way left. Our hybrid gladilous look very nice, and very refined range of colours.

1913 – JCW
A late C, I go north tomorrow. Solanum good. Buddleia fair, even good. Very short of rain.