11th December

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2016 – CHW
The Magnolia Society International journal has just been published and includes the registration of another two of our Caerhays hybrids.


2015 – CHW
The last Cornwall Farmers board meeting today (and audit committee) under the old regime! Countrywide bought the business for £6.05 million in September but the rump of Cornwall Farmers still owns the freehold of the stores so we will receive a good rent (monthly!) and become a property company.

I have now run 43 days shooting this season and we are, at last, past the half way mark in number of days shooting. Lizzie, Edwina and I can begin to relish the prospect of normal hours from 1st February without an early bed and a 6am rise. Such are the realities of castle life and how in the in the fuck I manage to try to entertain you with the odd flower or two defies normal stamina and liver function. I could reflect on some ‘difficult’ shooting days here with clients but that is for the (personal until I am dead) Game Book which is an entirely separate diary about a very separate way of life. No less stimulating in many ways but it is NOT flicking the pages of Country Life in bed with Mrs W for a ‘longish’ morning! ‘Fight to win’ perhaps but I just wish for a week with no staff problems or rows (three this week) which take up most of the surplus (little) time. On we go! Sorry no pictures today.

1995 – FJW
3 flowers out on pale gunroom Saluenensis, 4 or 5 on Cam J.C.W and 2 flowers ½ open on Magnolia Star Wars.

1934 – JCW
A coolish rain for 24 hours, some Camellia sasanqua in bloom. E.P.R’s quarry a few Prunus blooming. I have put 150 smallish to large tree ferns in the near big quarry.

1932 – JCW
Prunus subhirtella open but smothered in withered bloom just as in 1931 for almost everything. A violent cold east wind for about 10 days. Some fuchsias hold on.

1931 – JCW
Early Subhirtella cherry in the quarry, it has been out for 3 weeks. A few Sasanquas have flowers and now some Rho lutescens. Cotoneaster salicifolia has a fine lot of fruit. Erica hybrida in bud and quite nice.

1911 – JCW
Camellia sasanqua are all over, it has been a very early year. Clematis cirrhosa is about the only thing opening, some roses keep on.