22nd February

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2017 – CHW
Outside the front gate is a seedling from the same seed pan as ‘Caerhays Belle’. Quite nice but smallish flowers which are a good pink against a clear sky which it was not today.

seedling from the same seed pan as ‘Caerhays Belle’
seedling from the same seed pan as ‘Caerhays Belle’
seedling from the same seed pan as ‘Caerhays Belle’
seedling from the same seed pan as ‘Caerhays Belle’
A similar unnamed seedling in Bond Street is also looking ok but with some wind damage. Both plants are worth their place if only in terms of being early.
similar unnamed seedling in Bond Street
similar unnamed seedling in Bond Street
Camellia ‘Dr Burnside’ just coming out by the Four in Hand. One of the very best early double reds but a month later than usual this year.
Camellia ‘Dr Burnside’
Camellia ‘Dr Burnside’
A second Magnolia mollicomata ‘Werrington’ hiding below Sinogrande Walk was a surprise. Just as dark as the one in Kennel Close.

2016 – CHW

From Up & Coming Magnolia Article

The final proof of the article written for the RHS Rhododendron, Camellia & Magnolia Group yearbook arrives with us. In a record early magnolia year, and since some of these are full out today, I attach the full article with pictures for the purposes of enjoyment, jealousy or longing – take your pick!

1998 – FJW
Camellias (all of them) have never been better.

1997 – FJW
White narcissi outside dining room coming out – they were out on Xmas day 1995.

1976 – FJW
1st Magnolia out – frosted – above (crino hedge – Campbellii hyld).

1935 – JCW
Fuschias cut not too badly, Camellias flowering well and the frost hardly harms them. Our Magnolia campbelli is very good indeed.

Note at bottom of Garden Book page:
There is a pencil note in J.C.W Williams Magnolias saying
‘There came on Jan 22 – 1928 from Darjeeling 3 seeds of white Magnolia campbellii
I think only one grew and was planted below the top ride between Engine House and Tin Garden.
This flowered well March 1939. Larger than Campbelli and a pure white. The frost had burst its sap and in May it died to the ground. It broke again and made shoots of 2ft by October but very soft.

1925 – JCW
Well ahead of 1922 say ten days ago almost all the Sutchuenense show flowers or are open. Moupinense is about over, Blood Red Arboreums just at their best.

1922 – JCW
The double Prunus pissardi has been good for the first time. Prunus mume of Wilson is just over, Prunus clementinae not quite open. Scarlet Thomsonii hybrids good, two or three Sutchuenense hybrids are flowering, Rhodo lutescens and the early species of Sutchuenense are goodish. There is no Argenteum in bloom so far.

1915 – JCW
Some good Camellia Lady Clare flowers. Also two or three good plants of Arboreum x Thomsonii open now.

1908 – JCW
Prunus pissardi moderate. Rhodo praecox coming on, made the first cross (G of Leidon x Gc) under glass.

1903 – JCW
Dauntlep, G Spur, Maximus, Caerhays are open. Prunus pissardi is very good at the kennel.

1898 – JCW
Dauntlep shows colour, snow and cold.

1897 – JCW
Pallidno proecox opens and Ard Righ, C citrina.

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