12th January

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2018 – CHW (photos to follow)

More evergreen azaleas out on the Main Ride. A clump of my father’s hybrids which are unnamed and quite dark in colour but not really that good.

Camellia ‘Reigyoku’ with its variegated foliage and single dark red flowers. Not to everyone’s taste but good today if you like your camellias a bit different. A good article in the yearbook of the International Camellia Society on camellias with variegated leaves this year.

Lindera triloba has suddenly ‘joined the dodo’. No obvious reason why after a good 15 years of growth here. No damage to the trunk at ground level and does not look like honey fungus. It was just starting to flower well.

Camellia champetre ‘Fairy Blush’ is nicely out but only just two years from planting.

Xanthocyparis vietnamensis looked yellow and sick in the summer but is now flourishing again. Typical of some of the more unusual conifers before the new growth emerges? Here the new growth is still happening but frost risks severe. Easy to root from cuttings.

2017 – CHW
Very heavy rain all day. Cold north wind and snow up country. I think that the plants all knew this was coming and hence why, despite the mild autumn, everything is well behind last year. The garden has not moved at all from Christmas really and the camellias are definitely late overall.

2016 – CHW
Despite the thunder, hail and torrential rain over the weekend the magnolia outside the back yard continues to come out despite some damage. Now about a dozen flowers.

Magnolia outside back yard
Magnolia outside back yard
Magnolia outside back yard
Magnolia outside back yard

1997 – FJW
Thaw came and produced very mild weather.

1987 – FJW
The coldest day I have seen. 10° frost (10 a.m), 18° frost (10 p.m), moderate snow.

1978 – FJW
Fine unspoilt blooms of Trewidden Grande brought in by Philip.

1964 – FJW
Charles picked first snowdrop.

1935 – JCW
A few Lutescens, the best of the mucronulatum killed on Jan 11th.

1914 – JCW
Coums at about ⅓. Flowers are open on the following species of Rhodoⁿ chrysanthum, keysii, yunnanense, lutescens, blood red Arboreum, mucronulatum (vg), Fargesii, 2 or 3 Camellias.

1902 – JCW
Coums at their very best. The first Soleil D’or open.