26th January

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2018 – CHW

Wind damage to the Schefflera taiwania seed heads which have blown onto the ground while still green and far from ripe.

Schefflera taiwania
Schefflera taiwania
A flower from Magnolia delavayi also blown from the tree in the gales
Magnolia delavayi
Magnolia delavayi
New growth well developed already on the evergreen Carpinus kawakamii.
Carpinus kawakamii
Carpinus kawakamii
First flowers at the top of Rhododendron ‘Crossbill’.
Rhododendron ‘Crossbill’
Rhododendron ‘Crossbill’
Likewise on Rhododendron ‘Bo-Peep’ (yellow form).
Rhododendron ‘Bo-Peep’ (yellow form)
Rhododendron ‘Bo-Peep’ (yellow form)

2017 – CHW
The shooting season is over and I emerge from three days in bed suffering from a lurgy and exhaustion having hosted 80 plus days. All that remains by the front door are clods of mud from the guns trailer.
clods of mud
clods of mud

2016 – CHW
Rhododendron ‘Tessa’ has a few flowers of a poor colour beside the clump of Rhododendron ovatum. Normally a semi evergreen but not this ‘winter’!
Rhododendron ‘Tessa’
Rhododendron ‘Tessa’
Rhododendron ‘Tessa’
Rhododendron ‘Tessa’

2003 – FJW
First Narcissus by green gate – Camellia as usual.

1995 – FJW
Flower on Magnolia Bishop Peter.

1989 – FJW
Cam williamsii past their best. Keysii, Crossbill coming. Major remedial (!) works being done at the top of the wood – i.e most of old show stopped dead and now cut down.

1981 – FJW
Very mild winter to date. Williamsii’s well and truly out and Sutchuenense, Red Admiral etc. Far too early. Trewidden Argenteum has been first class.

1969 – FJW
First snowdrops.

1958 – FJW
Period of frost and snow left. 8° frost – little damage. Camellias unabashed.

1940 – CW
I returned after a cold spell when the pond frozen all over as 4 degrees of frost at Trewidden about 21st Jan. All fuschias cut, Geraniums probably dead. The Saluensis Camellias all coming out again but no colour on any Rhodo. This frost harder than Dec 38 but plants not so soft. Hamamelis quite perfect and not touched.

1930 – JCW
Much as on January 27th 1924 but more C speciosa in, H mollis over but H Arborea is good so is lutescens and moupinense, cyclamineus open.1917 – JCW
Nothing of any use excepting Hamamelis mollis which is very good.

1901 – JCW
I saw several yellow Crocus open, have not been about for some days, several seedling trumpets show colour. Snowdrops and Coums are at their best. D. Kingsmill just through the ground.