27th January

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2019 – CHW

The clump of taller growing snowdrops beside the drive is suddenly full out.

Rhododendron siderophyllum, the pinker form, is full out beyond the Rockery. The white forms seem some way off coming out yet.

Rhododendron siderophyllum
Rhododendron siderophyllum
Rhododendron siderophyllum
Rhododendron siderophyllum
A seedling of Rhododendron ‘Mrs Butler’ is full out and well worth its place this early despite its colour. Pink fading to white.
Rhododendron ‘Mrs Butler’
Rhododendron ‘Mrs Butler’
Rhododendron ‘Mrs Butler’
Rhododendron ‘Mrs Butler’

2018 – CHW

Jaimie finds the old plant of Illicium anisatum full out above Crinodendron Hedge. We have seen young plants in flower before in February but never quite this early I think.

Illicium anisatum
Illicium anisatum
Illicium anisatum
Illicium anisatum

2017 – CHW
Despite a few nights of mild frost the echiums remain untouched and ready to flower in the summer. Several leaves blown off in the recent east winds though. Still cold, wet and windy most of today.


2016 – CHW
Arum italicum (lords and ladies) a good eight inches into growth already. Rivalling the bluebells. It does not seem long since the seed pods were visible here outside the front arch with their prominent orange seeds.

Arum italicum
Arum italicum

1993 – FJW
Very warm – flower on Michelia – sycamore seed germinating in the Big Quarry. At least 20 Rhodo’s full out and Williamsii Camellias at their best.

1981 – FJW
Davids first appearance on television ( ¼ second).

1975 – FJW
Philip picked Magnolia mollicomata x by steep steps.

1959 – FJW
Burnt the Downs.

1934 – JCW
Camellia speciosa is the best thing we have. There is a C speciosa x japonica 2 ½ years old with 14 buds on it. Moupinense is good, H mollis wanes, it has been very good.

1932 – JCW
Some Barbatum open, moupinense good, parvifolium long over. Arboreum x Thomsonii open. Camellia speciosa has been good for 3 weeks.

1924 – JCW
R barbatum, strigillosum, mucronulatum, moupinense, scabrifolium, parvifolium, lutescens and dahuricum and a few red arb’ms x Thompsonii now in flower. Bobs heath is very nice. Leucojum vernum, C coum, wild snowdrops and Aconites open also Camellia speciosa.

1921 – JCW
Rhodoⁿ species showing colour about 20, E darleyense is the best thing, Crocus open and snowdrops. A few aconites about 3 days ago.

1919 – JCW
Much as in 1911, lutescens is quite nice, not near 1912 in species. Motor plough engine rolled the drive for the first time.

1912 – JCW
R praecox, ciliatum, arboreum, lutescens, dahuricum, argenteum, scarlet hybrid (arbo x Thomsonii), barbatum are all opening, various daffs, Camellia Lady Clare, Clematis armandii, snowdrops and Coums nice.

1911 – JCW
R praecox shows colour, the first trumpet opening in the top garden, snowdrops good, several Thompsonii Arboreum x show big in the bud, one or two show colour, Barbatums coming out, a Soleil d’or or two.

1907 – JCW
Picked the first daffodill ( not open) in the Tin Garden, lately had hard frost, one Camellia open scarcely any of the above but snowdrops and aconite.

1906 – JCW
At least a dozen trumpets out mostly Min and Cyclamineus x. The rest as above except R praecox which is at its best, several seedling Ciliatums open, a mild early season so far. Crocus such as there are well on. C imperati over.

1901 – JCW
R praecox just one flower open. I picked three seedling trumpets breaking bud these are the first. Coum, Snowdrops, Aconites are at their best, Anenome blanda one or two, several Camellias.