9th January

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2018 – CHW (photos to follow)

Polyspora longicarpa (WWJ 11604) is now full out and looking very fine for the time of the year.

Myrtus communis seedlings have germinated in a stack of conifer wood.

2017 – CHW
Camellia x williamsii ‘Beatrice Michael’ full out at Tin Garden but the flowers have been bruised by rain.

Camellia x williamsii ‘Beatrice Michael’
Camellia x williamsii ‘Beatrice Michael’
Camellia x williamsii ‘Beatrice Michael’
Camellia x williamsii ‘Beatrice Michael’
Camellia ‘Takanini’ (seen two to three weeks ago) is now full out in Kennel Close.

Camellia ‘Takanini’
Camellia ‘Takanini’

2016 – CHW
I had been meaning to see if any of the Michelia doltsopa were out following a prompt by Pam Hayward and the Rhododendron, Camellia & Magnolia Group website before Christmas. Now there are a few on the plant which gets the most wind to the north of Georges Hut. Normally out in March or April these few flowers have clearly blown open. Nevertheless they look fine but no scent although I did see some flies moving during my trip today.

Michelia doltsopa
Michelia doltsopa
Michelia doltsopa
Michelia doltsopa
The first time I have seen Tetrapanax papifera in flower although most of its leaves have blown off in the gales as usual. Hillier’s say it is supposed to flower in the autumn so not an early bird! The plant is right beside Georges Hut between the two big michelias. Certainly an oddity which confirms my dislike of these plants from Taiwan.
Tetrapanax papifera
Tetrapanax papifera
Tetrapanax papifera
Tetrapanax papifera

1982 -FJW
A very stormy and wet winter – moors more a river waiting to go to sea than anything else. But Blandfords Garden had 3ft of snow. The weather keeps him going whatever time!

1958 – FJW
A V early year, most of Saluenense Camellias out – Nobleanum good. Mucronulatum by Red Linny excellent. Sutchuenense Hybs above Mary Christian nearly over. Magnolias too far forward.

1925 – JCW
Clematis cirrhosa has a few flowers, a very few Coum, bits of Rho’do as in 1917. R mucronulatum is the best and then R venustum. H mollis is really the best thing, snowdrops showing since Christmas.

1920 – JCW
Just as the above but less of excepting for the Hamamelis which is better. Cotoneaster salicifolia is nice and Bob’s heath is opening.

1917 – JCW
Some C Coums open, Hamamelis mollis very good, bits of R Lutescens, dahuricum mucronulatum, Thomsonii, nobleanum, Venustum and Racemosum section, Thomsonii x Arboreum are starting. The Engine House Camellia 1 flower out.

1915 – JCW
Coum is fair, some nice blood red Arboreums on the Beech Walk side, R mucronulatum is nice, snowdrops show, some Lapagerias left, a few C sasanqua, one or two trade Camellia including the early white near the Engine House which has been out a month.

1914 – JCW
Some Clematis fasciculiflora open, nice lot of Coum, Cirrhosa very good, not much else.

1900 – JCW
Some Aconite up.

1899 – JCW
Victoria breaking ground.