8th June

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2017 – CHW

A wet day at the Royal Cornwall Show. Large gold medal for the Burncoose stand in the flower tent designed by Louisa and Christine. Christine’s first attempt at a stand for us and very good.

Attended the president’s lunch where the floral arrangement was cow-parsley and ornamental pheasant feathers. Odd! The food was excellent.

Dreadful and unbelievable election result. Britain will soon be as bankrupt as Greece. Stayed up most of the night drinking only water with Corbett. That is perhaps unbelievable too!

2016 – CHW
Sheila Reeves-Smyth (Lizzie’s aunt and Alice’s sister) 90th birthday party at Hardimount House, in Tullow, County Carlow, Ireland. One hundred and twenty guests and a house full of her enormous family who all talk in loud cheerful voices without listening to a word of any replies. Hysterical and gorgeous. The last relics of Anglo Irish colonialism at its very best. We could all have been in Sussex!Sheila’s garden is as good and well-tended a set of herbaceous borders as I have ever seen. Quite a few Burncoose shrubs on the walls too. Remarkable for someone aged 90 who lives on her own.Here is a flavour of the garden taken on my phone shortly after I had taken Christian Lamb (aged 97 and ex Tregrehan) on a garden tour while the drinking gets started properly.

flavour of the garden
flavour of the garden
flavour of the garden
flavour of the garden
flavour of the garden
flavour of the garden
flavour of the garden
flavour of the garden
A huge sit down lunch prepared entirely by Sheila’s children and very good too. On my table are the Shackleton family of Polar fame and a serious garden makeover (potential) customer from a nearby castle. Everyone very well animated but only one guest seriously drunk on departure which was quite a surprise. After a brief sleep we return for the post mortem and supper. Fortunately the wine supplies hold out and we give Terence some stick over the seating plan which was a gorgeous cock up wasting hours of happy time as not everyone had a name place and not everyone turned up ‘as expected’ (but what do you expect at this sort of party!).

2015 – CHW

Enkianthus hirtinervus 3
Enkianthus hirtinervus

Around the garden with managers from Eden and Heligan. Iain is much taken with Magnolia ‘Summer Solstice’ but Magnolia globosa is still not out and Magnolia virginiana ‘Satellite’ will not be out for a week or so.

We look (again) at Enkianthus hirtinervus which they have not seen.  There are some old enkianthus at Heligan but no newer varieties.  Horticulture Week features an article on enkianthus based on my lecture.  Sadly what they depict as Enkianthus campanulatus most definitely is not as it is pink with stripes all over and much more like Enkianthus campanulatus var palibini.

Enkianthus hirtinervus 2
Enkianthus hirtinervus
Enkianthus hirtinervus 1
Enkianthus hirtinervus
Enkianthus hirtinervus 4
Enkianthus hirtinervus

1919 – JCW
Madame Lemoine has been splendid. Ponticums go back, Auklandii are gone. Syringa villosa very good. C chrysocoma rather burnt. The azaleas are going off.

1915 – JCW
Maddeni x cinnabarinum is the best rhodo . Ponticums at their best. Azaleas going back. Lilac Madame Lemoine goes back. Species villosa in the New Planting good. C chrysocoma is very fine.

1905 – JCW
Just going to Strathvaich. I have picked all Caerhays, ¾ of K.A, all Jacko, some Monarch and Weardale etc, and sown some pot seed.

1902 – JCW
Have moved a lot of bulbs lately, very little seed but the Caerhays , H Irving and G Spur ripe.

1897 – JCW
R calophytum in flower, several nigras at full height.

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