29th November

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2016 – CHW
The Ginkgo biloba is now turning fast. Possibly the best thing this year in the autumn colour range in a good year for colour. One good blow now and that will be that.

Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba

2015 – CHW
The first flower on Camellia williamsii ‘St Ewe’ outside the Georgian Hall.

Camellia williamsii ‘St Ewe’
Camellia williamsii ‘St Ewe’

Lapageria ‘Picotee’ has two flowers still out although I photographed this weeks ago. Few plants have longer lasting flowers!

Lapageria ‘Picotee’
Lapageria ‘Picotee’

White argymanthemum full out! A clear sign of no frost yet.

White argymanthemum
White argymanthemum

1996 – FJW
Very similar to 1986 – but Oleifera full out – one half open bud on November Pink. Very wet November.

1986 – FJW
Picked one miserable flower on Oleifera. Late year. Dry early autumn. Wet November. Mild.

1982 – FJW
First frost after a very wet autumn – perhaps a rain record.

1969 – FJW
First snow of winter.

1953 – CW
Still very mild. Small polyanthus daffodil from S Devon open by dining room put there this year. Early pink form of Saluenensis has a few flowers in 3 places. I counted over 200 flowers on November Pink, and over 100 on the ground. Taliensis good – Oleifera very good. Lapagerias. fuchsias and roses still on. Also Magnolia grandiflora and delavayi. Few rhodo’s.

1931 – JCW
Lapageria has been good since mid October. C sasanqua give some flowers. Erica darleyense is opening. The autumn cherry at the quarry is in flower. An evergreen magnolia or two. Rho lutescens shows colour.

1924 – JCW
The same as above. C sasanqua are poor, too cold a summer. Autumn colours good for here in particular where there was shelter from the wind. Berberis polyantha is the best thing. The daffs have begun to move. We have had one sharp frost and Enkianthus reticulatus from Hong Kong faced it.

1915 – JCW
C sasanqua is very bad, no buds this year. Lapagerias are nice. Erica hybrida began to open a fortnight ago.