2nd May

…longeracemosa. Akebia longeracemosa Akebia longeracemosa Vaccinum ovatum full out beside the greenhouses. Vaccinum ovatum Vaccinum ovatum Vaccinum ovatum Ilex spinigera with berries forming on a young cutting recently potted up….

24th March

…a small tree. Cercis chinensis ‘Arondale’ Cercis chinensis ‘Arondale’ Cercis chinensis ‘Arondale’ Akebia x pentaphylla now full out rather than just in bud as we saw 10 days ago. Akebia

7th April

…up this wall. You can clearly see the male and female flowers in the same flower clusters. Akebia quinata ‘Alba’ Akebia quinata ‘Alba’ This was a gift from Roy Lancaster…

19th October

…this time.Akebia trifoliata with pleasant autumn colours which I had not picked up on before. Akebia trifoliata Abutilon ‘Nabob’ still has some flowers. Abutilon ‘Nabob’ Abutilon ‘John Thompson’ looking good…