14th December

…Eucryphia glutinosa 2017 – CHW Correas in full flower for Christmas. What great plants these are for the greenhouse.Correa ‘Marians Marvel’ looking pristine. Correa ‘Marians Marvel’ Correa ‘Marians Marvel’ Correa

23rd October

…bank. Tetrapanax papyrifer ‘Rex’ Nearby a Correa “Marian’s Marvel” is covered in pretty pink and yellow tubular flowers. About 3ft tall with a similar spread. Correa “Marian’s Marvel” Correa “Marian’s…

6th August

…x michauxii Hoheria angustifolia in full flower. Hoheria angustifolia Hoheria angustifolia Hoheria angustifolia Correa bachhousiana with its first two flowers out very early and loads of buds to come Correa

14th April

…in full sun. Chorezima illicifolia Louisa, the Burncoose propagator, has acquired somehow a Correa pulchella orange form (normally it is pink) which looks quite nice and is certainly rather different…