30th January

…nursery entrance and near The Copper House. Lonicera fragrantissima Lonicera fragrantissima A fine Picea amorika in The Copper House garden. Around 40 to 50 years old. Picea amorika 2020 –…

6th January

…if the buds are obvious yet. Cestrum elegans Cestrum elegans Also at Heligan a solitary early flower on Lonicera fragrantissima with plenty of leaf still on the bush. Lonicera fragrantissima

24th May

…R gibsoni open. 1908 – JCW Primula Cockburniana open. Azaleas at their best. 1906 – JCW Auklandii, fragrantissima, Mrs Butler etc going back. Viburnum, Laburnum, R roylei, R gibsoni opening….

13th February

fragrantissima. A hint of pink. Lonicera infundibulum rockii Grevillea micheliana ‘Maroka’ was nice as well. Quite a large shrub. Grevillea micheliana ‘Maroka’ Euphorbia x pasteurii is something I saw at…