12th March

…– JCW Seen Dawsons and Ludgvan, hardly anything ahead of us. 1900 – JCW Some Italian, several Cernuus, most of the G Spur, nearly all the maximus. The first Pallidus

19th February

…C J Backhouse, Cernuus at its best, some Horsfieldi out and a Sir Watkin. Jacko just breaks ground, Weardale only lately, nearly all Tenby and H Irving open, many Pallidus

24th February

…Cyclamineus and a jonquil to the RHS. 1904 – JCW First evening out after tea. Picked for Dinton a number of Cyclamineus hybrids. 1897 – JCW First Cilliatum, Pallidus, Proecox,…