17th August

FJ Williams Profile Picture
FJW 1955-2007
CH Williams Profile Picture
CHW 2015-
JC Williams Profile Picture
JCW 1897-1939
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CW 1940-1955

2017 – CHW

The new machine has done a nice job cutting the banks outside the front door for the second time this summer. The machine mulches the grass which saves raking it up.

cutting the banks
cutting the banks
cutting the banks
cutting the banks

2016 – CHW
No entry.
2015 – CHW

Back from Yorkshire to find the house unrecognizable and full of film kit but 72 emails have to come first. Just a quick trip out to find Wisteria ‘Black Dragon’ still has a single flower on it above the gents’ loo. Very late for any wisteria let alone a double flowered form.

Wisteria ‘Black Dragon’
Wisteria ‘Black Dragon’

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