18th August

FJ Williams Profile Picture
FJW 1955-2007
CH Williams Profile Picture
CHW 2015-
JC Williams Profile Picture
JCW 1897-1939
C Williams Profile Picture
CW 1940-1955

2017 – CHW

View from the new planting area which is now complete. New seats needed!

new planting area
new planting area

2016 – CHW
No entry.

2015 – CHW
Rubus tricolor covers the bank outside the flat and is one of the best ways of covering up weeds on a steep bank which can only be maintained with a long ladder. The fruits are orange and delicious both to birds and small boys. Much enjoyed with my cornflakes.

Rubus tricolor
Rubus tricolor
Rubus tricolor
Rubus tricolor

Evidence of the German film makers’ fake flowers in the Hydrangea seemanii.

Hydrangea seemanii
Hydrangea seemanii

1984 – FJW
All corn harvested – very high yield – driest summer yet.

1983 – FJW
Fire at Barton. Delia in charge and dealt with problem superbly.

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