6th December

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2018 – CHW (photos to follow)

Lapageria ‘Flesh Pink’ still has flowers about two months since they first appeared. This is three years on from planting.

The first flowers on Camellia x williamsii ‘JC Williams’ popped out last week again marginally after ‘St Ewe’ and ‘George Blandford’.

The Ginkgo biloba autumn colour which was so splendid in the sun last year has been blown away before delivery this year. Just a branch or two have a show.

First flowers on Rhododendron ‘Cornish Red’ in the same place as last year and more or less the same time. Slightly insipid and malformed flowers.

2017 – CHW

Still loads of ripe strawberries on the Cornus kousa chinensis by the Four in Hand. No squirrel attack this year but I see a tree rat pinch a hazel nut from a trap without getting caught further up the drive.

Cornus kousa chinensis
Cornus kousa chinensis
The Gingko biloba is turning yellow quickly after a little cold but is still in full leaf in December. I need to trawl back to last year to see the date on which it was at its best. Not yet as stunning as last year. Perhaps the best autumn colour in the garden overall this year – a poor year for colour here.
Gingko biloba
Gingko biloba
Gingko biloba
Gingko biloba

2016 – CHW
Camellia ‘Golden Spangles’ has regrown with patches of completely yellow new growth. This unstable x williamsii hybrid has yellow centres to its leaves and has here shown how the viral (?) cause of this variegation can become more pronounced after pruning.

Camellia ‘Golden Spangles’
Camellia ‘Golden Spangles’
Camellia ‘Golden Spangles’
Camellia ‘Golden Spangles’

If you are interested I spent my first ever pocket money in 1964 on air gun pellets!!

Air gun pellets
Air gun pellets

2015 – CHW

Flooding in Cumbria after 14’’ of rain in 24 hours! We get a drizzle for the day but nothing worse. The old Gingko biloba is turning nicely on its lower branches. What a colour even on a dull day! Green turns to yellow but this is December!

Gingko biloba
Gingko biloba

Beside it another large clump of good but unnamed Camellia x williamsii has sprung open in the wind. Just one branch at the top for now which hangs down as you can see.

unnamed Camellia x williamsii
unnamed Camellia x williamsii
This clump of Rhododendron ‘Cornish Red’ was cut back from the drive only eight weeks ago but, already, the new growth is readily apparent.
Beside it another few young plants of Rhododendron mucronulatum but this form has much paler and less impressive light pink mauve flowers.
Rhododendron mucronulatum
Rhododendron mucronulatum

A young Magnolia pseudokobus ‘Kubimishidori’ which has never yet flowered persists in full leaf.

Magnolia pseudokobus ‘Kubimishidori’
Magnolia pseudokobus ‘Kubimishidori’
Magnolia ‘Delia Williams’, on the lawn, has finally shed all its leaves to reveal plenty of buds for next spring. Many other magnolias in more sheltered spots (ie Magnolia ‘Caerhays Belle’) still have most of their leaves on although they will be out in around three months. No wonder magnolias grow so quickly!
Magnolia ‘Delia Williams’
Magnolia ‘Delia Williams’

1991 – FJW
George Williams strode into the house.

1981 – FJW
Picked flowers Oleifera, November Pink and Sulfureum.

1976 – FJW
Night stormy enough to move hedges at Rescassa.

1973 – FJW
First good flower on George Blandford.

1964 – FJW
Charles had first pocket money – the bargain of 1/- per week. Temperatures oscillating.

1961 – FJW
Delia found first flower on Noblissima by front door.

1960 – FJW
First frost of winter – rain since August.

1934 – JCW
Saw two blooms of Camellia on separate plants, very heavy , moors have taken a lot of water.

1932 – JCW
No Camellia japonica open but the double white. Cold S.E wind has started and is severe around the house but hardly moves much in the New Planting.

1927 – JCW
Rather earlier than 1924, not much cold so far. Camellia speciosa and sasanqua show colour. Erica hybrida and Cotoneaster salicifolia are the best thing. I saw a flower on Mag delavayi three days ago in the wood.

1924 – JCW
Much as the above. I suppose Berberis polyantha and the Stransvaesia fruit are the best things. Erica hybrida is far the best flower and is on Jan 17th too.

1923 – JCW
‘Polling Day’. Some lapagerias have come through the frost but not many. Cotoneaster salicifolia is by far the best thing we have, the Hamamelis mollis just show colour. The Erica hybrida not yet open. Roses (a few) in the Tin Garden.

1915 – JCW
The lapagerias are yet nice. Cam sasanqua gives a few more flowers. Erica hybrida begin to open.

1901 – JCW
Returned after some absence, daffs moving all round a bit, should make my first cross tomorrow or the next day. Several coums open. Lapagerias look well yet, could pick several nice roses yet.

1897 – JCW
Iris stylosa in flower.