14th January

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2018 – CHW (photos to follow)

Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Aureomarginatus’ is making a nice show amid the showers. Not a bad ornamental plant for a dark corner. Here it is being enveloped by a podocarpus.

This oak limb quickly cut up and sorted after the gales.

The moors (water meadows) are heavily flooded today. The pampas grass on the islands in the lake seems to be floating on the (invisible) islands. Cock pheasants fight each other amid seagulls, ducks and oyster catchers. The swans are up in the water meadows with 200 or so gulls including a few horrid black-backed gulls. Clearly resting inland after the many recent gales. A pity I do not have a lens for taking better distance photos. With no more rain the flood will quickly subside when the tide is out.

2017 – CHW
After the wind a huge array of flowers on the ground below the unnamed Camellia x williamsii outside the front gate. Plenty still on the clump though and many more buds to come. I see that this is now a Tree Register ‘record tree’!

unnamed Camellia x williams
unnamed Camellia x williams
unnamed Camellia x williams
unnamed Camellia x williams
The old Rhododendron mucronulatum clump nearby was however untroubled by the wind or rain and still looks splendid. The best thing in the garden today after ‘Winter Intruder’.
Rhododendron mucronulatum
Rhododendron mucronulatum
Attached is a brief update of the latest UK and Cornish record trees growing at Caerhays. If you want to find more details exact heights and girths please go to their website.

2016 – CHW
The unusual New Zealand Fuchsia exorticatica is more or less full out with its odd and rather hidden green and purple flowers protruding from the stems. A spring flowerer normally.

New Zealand Fuchsia exorticatica
New Zealand Fuchsia exorticatica

2008 – FJW
Continues mild. Front door Nobilissima fully out. Saw first daff. Snowdrops out for Sunday.

2001 – FJW
Coldish. South – South East wind but dry for last 5 days.

1989 – FJW
Very mild indeed – snowdrops out and mucronulatum excellent.

1987 – FJW
Very cold weather persists – 12° F Frost out of the wind. Rhodos look awful and Lapageria.

1966 – FJW
Cold spell started.

1961 – FJW
Flower open on George Blandford.

1959 – FJW
Frost 4°. Easterly gales starting. Snow and ice replaced by rain. Camellias very backward.