19th January

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2017 – CHW
The young Garrya elliptica ‘James Roof’ outside the Drawing Room is flowering nicely for the first time. A replacement for the Garrya elliptica which once grew here. The new plant has enormous flowering tassels which show up superbly at this time of the year and is a great improvement on its predecessor. This is a male form and we have, as yet, no female in the garden.

Garrya elliptica ‘James Roof’
Garrya elliptica ‘James Roof’

Garrya elliptica ‘James Roof’
Garrya elliptica ‘James Roof’

2016 – CHW
Hawthorn breaking into leaf this early! These plants will be planted in the cleared scrubland on Treveor Hill when it becomes dry enough underfoot to even think of planting anything! A record? Certainly a record to me.
Alongside the cash point Magnolia veitchii and Magnolia campbellii still have quite a lot of leaf left even in this exposed spot. M campbellii will be out in three to four weeks with no frost.
Magnolia veitchii and Magnolia campbellii
Magnolia veitchii and Magnolia campbellii

1997 – FJW
Picked two flowers on Cam nobilissima

1968 – FJW
David picked first lot of snowdrops well out.

1963 – FJW
Charles collected 40 dead birds in an hour. Everything deeply frozen.

1950 – CW
No daffodils out or near. Camellias very early St Ewe line at best and at least six doubles also Lady Clare and Lady Bullen. Hamamelis at best. Camellia Cornish Snow had a few flowers for some time. Rho ririei out and a few early hybrids. Turning cold.

1949 – CW
First daffodil out – a wild hybrid by Fastuosa Bamboo. Few Rho var sutchuenense hybrids, a good many Camellias but no Reticulata – Hamamelis good, also mucronulatum.

1947 – CW
Hamamelis very good. Pink heath well out and some white, Camellia hybrids only first begun. Very late. First flower on Engine House double white. No Reticulata showing colour. Mucronulatum very good, one sutchuenense hybrid. This after a long spell of gales with frosts and very mild indeed.

1946 – CW
Very few Rhododendrons out except Mucronulatum. None of the Arboreum hybrids. A lot of the Kurume Azaleas showing bits of flower. Camellia hybrids very good and Reticulata Mary Williams, out also several of our seedlings. Just been cold and the only Sutchuenense hybrid out cut but not the Camellias in the main. Eight large buds on the Magnolia grandiflora.

1931 – JCW
A very late year for Rhodo ⁿs. Mucronulatum has been nice and Rh venustum most excellent. C speciosa well out on the wall and in the camellia bed.

1916 – JCW
Many Rhodo’s of sorts and kinds opening but the fences of Berberis fascicularis ( or Pinnata) make the best January flowering shrubs that we have seen , almost all from Fisher Lindsey.