24th April

…of Euphorbia ‘Fireglow’ by the house. Euphorbia ‘Fireglow’ As much flower as you could possibly get on the usually rather dull culinary bay tree (Laurus nobilis). Laurus nobilis Laurus nobilis…

12th April

…mongolica ‘Harvest Moon’ Laurus azorica nicely out and covered in bees. Laurus azorica Laurus nobilis is nothing like as good in flower. Laurus nobilis Aesculus assamica just coming into leaf….

12th October

…laurel. Laurus azorica Laurus azorica Alongside it Eucryphia moorei in full flower. This tree blew over in the 1990 hurricane but was righted and pollarded. It is now back to…

29th March

…Rhododendron ‘Red Centurion’ nearly full out. Rhododendron’Red Centurion’ The record Cornish plant of Laurus azorica has an attractive flower for a bay laurel. Laurus azorica Laurus azorica Daphniphyllum macropodum var….

12th January

…yunnanensis Laurus azorica covered in bud. Laurus azorica Clematis cirrhosa var. balerica full out on the lawn. A bit later than last year I suspect. The reference books say C….

18th March

…of the twigs. So we have 3 young make plants in the Kennel Close and only one female. Cephalotaxus fortunei A bay hedge (Laurus nobilis) blasted to bits in Kennel…

13th July

…grampaniana I have tried this at Caerhays and lost it. Picconia excelsa is a mature evergreen tree which you could easily mistake as a Laurus nobilis. Picconia excelsa Picconia excelsa…