13th October

…muddled for years but, only recently, has S. splendens been determined as a separate and exciting new species. Sorbus splendens – leaflets in 4-6 pairs equal at base, fruits dark…

28th August

…Kennel Close planting to catch up on early autumn: Aesculus pavia ‘Splendens’ has lost its leaves but still the first conkers I have seen on our 2011 aesculus collection plantings….

9th October

…as Sorbus sargentiana in 1991 but seems similar to our younger Sorbus wilsoniana. I wonder if it is actually Sorbus splendens? (IDS yearbook 2019 Pages 62-67). I will need to…

23rd May

…which is still too windy and exposed for rhododendrons to thrive. Only three groups are out so far and they have bizarre names as you would expect. Ghent Hybrids Splendens