16th February

…wood stores. Two magnolias outside the yard Huge ash tree by Tin Garden Mahonia leschenaultii has come out into flower for the first time. Nasty spiny leaves even by mahonia

13th January

…‘Valley Phantom’ Mahonia x savilliana Clone 7 Mahonia x savilliana Clone 7 Mahonia x savilliana Clone 7 Mahonia x savilliana Clone 7 2018 – CHW Acer albopurpurascens (CWJ 12361) is…

2nd November

…full out alongside ‘Yellow Hammer’. The botanists have had a field day with mahonia names but I find mahonias pretty dull anyway so cannot be bothered to delve into the…

7th April

Mahonia nervosa as a mature clump and full out. The mahonia collection here is most impressive. Mahonia nervosa Mahonia nervosa Primula sieboldii as a nice clump also in the sun….

1st May

…ourselves. Hedging Mahonia Hedging Mahonia Hedging Mahonia Is this a Syringa species or not? A bushy small shrub with pinnate leaves and light mauve flowers in terminal clusters. Another one…

9th March

Mahonia aquifolium just coming out. Mahonia aquifolium Mahonia aquifolium The Cornwall Red Squirrel Project fundraising dinner at Newquay in the evening. We raised £18k from 100 attendees addressed by Lord…

11th December

…have taken properly. aerial layers Mahonia oiwakensis with its flowers nearly over. A very upright habit and extremely glossy and spiny leaves. Quite a show on a drab day. Mahonia

14th November

…and not Cornwall. Sea view Sea view The seed on hedychium is certainly impressive. The pheasants do not seem interested so perhaps poisonous. seed on hedychium seed on hedychium Mahonia

6th February

…large plant of Mahonia aquifolium with flowers just coming and still good red autumn tints on the leaves. Mahonia aquifolium Mahonia aquifolium Ribes laurifolium full out already. Ribes laurifolium Ribes…

30th July

…an enormous crop of blue-black seeds with a silvery sheen. Again the plant is demonstrating its desire to survive the drought by procreation. Mahonia aquifolium Mahonia aquifolium Then a sad…