18th November

…are up. Lapagerias nice, cassia stays on, solanum good, cirrhosa is coming out. 1900 – JCW I picked a Camellia sasanqua, several were open. A Romneya coulteri open, and several…

19th July

…just over, it is very late for some things. 1910 – JCW L giganteum nearly over. Brunonis over, R coulteri fair. Mitraria good. R cinnabarinum going back. Buddleias show colour….

3rd July

…and some roses. R sunsnis was never so good. R moyesi is nearly over. P coulteri is very good. Some forms of Indica sinsii are to be very good near…

20th July

…– FJW A really good and much needed soak. 1923 – JCW Buddleias are nice. Plagianthus lyalii some very good. No Discolor or Auriculatums. Romneya coulteri very good also American…

22nd November

…1918 – JCW C sasanqua is very good indeed. 1897 – JCW A Camellia has several flowers open, Romneya coulteri has flowers on it, another of Engelhart’s seedlings above ground….