29th May

…Still plenty of flowers on Rhododendron keysii. Rhododendron keysii Ilex spinigera with berries forming. A new one to Tom. Ilex spinigera Ilex spinigera A single flower on Rhododendron cinnarbarinum subsp….

2nd May

…Ilex spinigera with berries forming on a young cutting recently potted up. Ilex spinigera New growth on Abies forrestii var. georgii. The new Hillier’s says this name should be var….

12th April

…Clematis forsteri in flower in the greenhouse. Ilex spinigera, a liner with flowers which was a gift from Roy Lancaster last week. Roy actually collected this species in northern Iran…

19th September

…below Donkey Shoe. rhododendron rhododendron 2015 – CHW Some really dull seeds discovered today which are not yet ripe:The rare Ilex spinigera with long drooping branches. Ilex spinigera Symplocos unknown…