27th July

…Peumus boldus Peumus boldus Peumus boldus A 12ft tall Phormium tenax with a 20ft tall flower stalk. Only in Ventnor! Phormium tenax Phormium tenax Phormium tenax Odd tassels of seed…

8th October

…Guard’ Not so sure Phormium tenax ‘Lemon Spritzer’ is really that much to write home about. Perhaps the new growth will be better next spring? Phormium tenax ‘Lemon Spritzer’ Phormium

5th August

…of in Falmouth has reached Ventnor. Cordyline australis Cordyline australis Pseudopanax ferox leaves on a small plant. Pseudopanax ferox Huge pea like seed pods on Phormium tenax. Phormium tenax Phormium

13th January

…Pittosporum tunnel Similarly the Yuccas, Cordyline and Phormium. Yuccas, Cordyline and Phormium Acacia rhetinodes just coming out. Acacia rhetinodes Ribes sanguineum ‘White Icicle’ just out but frosted. Ribes sanguineum ‘White…

8th April

…of potential foliage plants form phormium, rubus, eleagnus and camellia. Caerhays had always sold sprays of Camellia japonica foliage to the Covent Garden market and still does today. The hope…