9th May

…are gone. White A indica and A amoena very good. Molli and Ghent Azaleas nice. Loderi going over. Falconeri opening. Augustinii is passing. Daffs have gone. 1909 – JCW Tubergen…

14th May

…cut for the stand.Looking today there is plenty of deciduous azalea just showing colour but all the evergreens are over; some long over: AZALEA ‘Fedora’ – well over AZALEA amoena

20th April

…on the drive. Azalea ‘Amoena’ beside it nearly over. Azalea ‘Fedora’ Azalea ‘Fedora’ Rhododendron ‘Linda’ full out on Cart Road. One of several nice williamsianum hybrids in this cluster. Rhododendron…

5th May

…– CW Mag sargentiana over for more than two weeks – Staphylea nearly gone. Many Azaleas out and Amoena in drive at its best – Rho Auklandii very good –…

6th May

…bark on some betulas planted in only 2008.Azalea ‘Fedora’ is just full out on the drive while the Azalea ‘Amoena’ opposite, which has been out for weeks is now over….