30th June

…from France. Watsonia arderneri Watsonia arderneri Even more lovely is the delicate pink Watsonia ‘Tresco dwarf pink’. Not dwarf at all in habit but the flowers are perhaps small by…

29th July

…White lampranthus again. White lampranthus Crocosmia ‘Honey Angels’ full out. Crocosmia ‘Honey Angels’ Various watsonia still just out in flower. watsonia watsonia watsonia Crocosmia ‘Pauls Best Yellow’ also full out….

28th July

…as a multi stemmed shrub. Psoralea affinis Psoralea affinis Pink watsonia – equally good. Pink watsonia Anisodontea capensis is not that hardy but an excellent coastal plant in full sun….

5th June

…calycina Carrierea calycina Carrierea calycina Looking good in the nursery today: Nepeta subsesillensis Deutzia compacta Hydrangea serrata ‘Vearle’ Lonicera tragophylla ‘Maurice Foster’ Round seeds on Eremurus robustus. Watsonia ardenei Papaver…