2nd February

…x williamsii ‘John Pickthorn’ and ‘Mary Pickthorn’. The latter has still to be registered this spring with the International Camellia Society. Camellia x williamsii ‘Mary Pickthorn’ Camellia x williamsii ‘Mary

6th March

…be believed and the scent! Daphne bhuloa ‘Mary Rose’ Daphne bhuloa ‘Mary Rose’ This is a large rhododendron beside the road at the bottom of the hill in Grampound Village…

4th March

…Clare’ Camellia ‘Lady Clare’ Likewise on the Camellia x Williamsii ‘Mary Jobson’. Camellia x Williamsii ‘Mary Jobson’ The primroses have survived, and prospered even, under the snow! primroses The Euphorbia…

8th March

…‘Pink Icicle’ CAMELLIA ‘Mary Costa’ Browned ‘Mary Costa’ Too overcast really for photography but an attempt to sort out the naming of the newish camellias (ex Trehane) where the old…

16th March

…‘Cup Cake’ Staphylea holocarpa ‘Rosea’ – plant above greenhouse. Staphylea holocarpa ‘Rosea’ Staphylea holocarpa ‘Rosea’ Staphylea holocarpa ‘Rosea’ Staphylea holocarpa ‘Rosea’ – plant above steps down to the greenhouse. Staphylea…

7th January

…about two to three weeks ago. Mahonia japonica Mahonia japonica Still plenty of young leaves on the banksian rose hard pruned last spring to revive it. banksian rose banksian rose

26th March

…spicata? Corylopsis Corylopsis Skimmia laureola with berries and flower at the same time. Skimmia laureola Skimmia laureola Daphne bholua ‘Mary Rose’ in a freestanding and exposed position. Daphne bholua ‘Mary

25th March

…yet. Magnolia ‘Early Rose’ Magnolia ‘Early Rose’ Magnolia ‘Early Rose’ Magnolia ‘Tikitere’ not yet out so very late and heavily budded with huge buds. Magnolia ‘Tikitere’ Magnolia ‘Early Rose’ –…

11th April

…‘Black Tulip’ Magnolia ‘Rose Marie’ x Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’ Magnolia ‘Rose Marie’ x Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’ One plant of Magnolia pseudokobus ‘Kubushi-modoki’ now full out. Magnolia pseudokobus ‘Kubushi-modoki’ 2019 –…

24th February

…and Isla Rose Godparents group photo with Isla Rose central and still smiling with Katie. Godparents group photo Godparents group photo Karol’s new labels resplendent in The Isla Rose Plantation….