9th June

…tutcheri Sycopsis tutcheri Photinia nitakayensis has just finished flowering. Photinia nitakayensis Photinia nitakayensis Aristolochia sempervirens with peculiar ‘mouse-like’ flowers (like arisarum?). A vigorous climber but how tender? Aristolochia sempervirens Aristolochia

4th August

Aristolochia californica. Aristolochia californica A nice spreading clump of Romneya coulteri. Romneya coulteri Romneya coulteri Romneya coulteri Echium seedlings by the thousand! Echium seedlings Echium seedlings Citrus orange growing outside….

8th July

…‘Rex’ Tetrapanax papyifera ‘Rex’ Aristolochia californica (Californian Dutchman’s pipe) is shooting well from the base but most of it, growing through another plant, is well dead. We admired this in…

28th July

…tree. The ‘food wrapper’ plant. Mallotus japonicus Mallotus japonicus Mallotus japonicus No idea what this evergreen climber is so need to look it up! Rather extraordinary! Probably an aristolochia? evergreen…

2nd December

…12640 Meliosma myriantha v. discolour MF 97132 Turpinia ternata CWJ12360 Aristolochia semepervirens BSWJ13600 Dactylicapnos ventii WJC13786 Holboellia latiflora ssp. Chartacea HWJK2213d Dark Flowered Acer eryranthrum FMWJ13157 Acer laevigatum FMWJ13439 Betula…