6th August

…this superb plant every year! Grevillea johnsonii Grevillea johnsonii Carya ovata with large fruits on a hot bank. Carya ovata Carya ovata Carya ovata Carya ovata More Clerodendron bungei suckers….

3rd May

…after the 1987 hurricane. Davidia involucrata ‘Nymans Sentinel’ Davidia involucrata ‘Nymans Sentinel’ Carya cordiformis with old fruits from last year on the ground. New species to me. Carya cordiformis Carya

26th September

…those on the Cladastris kentuckea. They go yellow then nearly white before dropping. Asimina triloba Carya ovata turning early too. Carya ovata Acer freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’ quite superb on the…

11th February

…Davidia Sonoma x 2. Requested one and billing for one. Sent two as small. Abies concolor x 3 one needs replacing, I am aware. Not on attached list. Carya ovata…