12th February

…the leaf is a bit different. This one is growing in full shelter and full shade. Cinnamomum camphora Cinnamomum camphora Cinnamomum camphora Cinnamomum camphora Next door is Cinnamomum glanduliferum which…

2nd February

…Georges Hut has been cut up but more pruning needed on the evergreen Acer fabri and Cinnamomum camphora which were hit by the branch. Acer fabri and Cinnamomum camphora Acer…

28th January

…cold dieback has buds well swollen and will be out in a fortnight or so. Magnolia campbellii ‘Copeland Court’ Flowers on Camellia ‘Cinnamomum Candy’ (not to be confused with ‘Cinnamomum

11th March

…photographed! It was in Old Park nestled in by an old Quercus acuta and a Quercus phillyreoides. Cinnamomum japonicum Cinnamomum japonicum Tree surgery on more sweet chestnuts in Old Park….

7th July

…on Cinnamomum camphora. Cinnamomum camphora Cotoneaster exburyensis is full out beyond Georges Hut. A good show. Cotoneaster exburyensis Cotoneaster exburyensis Finally, after weeks in bud, Styrax serrulatus is full out….

28th March

…flowers and, surprisingly, a very different scent to its parent. The smell is of cinnamon and Cinnamomum camphora grows nearby whose leaves smell as you would expect when crushed. Michelia…