12th May

…delicate to take to Chelsea I fear but Rosa roxburgii may make it. Rosa rugosa ‘Frau Dagmar Hastrup’ Rosa rugosa ‘Frau Dagmar Hastrup’ Rosa rugosa ‘Frau Dagmar Hastrup’ Rosa rugosa

23rd November

…awaiting planting out. Photinia niitakayamensis Quercus rugosa is getting away well and now around 7ft tall. Quercus rugosa Quercus rugosa Nice colours on the yellow leaved Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Golden Sun’….

26th May

…with new growth and two flower heads. Sorbus wilsoniana Sorbus wilsoniana More deer nibbling on a young Sorbus. Deer damage New growth on Quercus rugosa. Quercus rugosa We need rain…

15th January

…of Quercus rugosa have some scorching. Quercus rugosa I had expected Camellia tsaii to be out earlier but it is just starting with loads of buds. Similar to Camellia cuspidata….

5th June

…Euonymus morrisonensisQuercus rugosa Decaisnea insignis Myrtus paraguayensis Viburnum awabuki Viburnum atrocyanea Plus Thomas Methuen-Campbell gives us from Penrice: Callistrus (a rare conifer) Quercus hypoxantha Salix aff moupinense (TH Vietnam) 2015…

30th July

…which is doing well. Of Quercus affinis and Quercus rugosa there is no sign. Major casualties because of minimal care and maintenance on the periphery of the garden. One cannot…