30th July

…Decorum and Discolor x Auriculatum are very good, Rosa Brunonis and American Pillar are very and so is the Romneya. One or two Eriogynum have flowers now. Mag delavayi a…

26th July

…lack of rain. Buddleias very nice. Fortuneis over. Cyclamen have started. Romneya nice. 1915 – JCW Plagianthus lyalii is at its very best though we used it at the Route…

27th July

…1989 – FJW The garden is suffering from drought as badly as I have seen it. It is becoming very serious. Rhodo’s worst off. 1918 – JCW Buddleias fair, Romneyas…

5th August

…beds are very nice. White everlasting peas good. R magnifica fair, it is very dry. Gros au Felity very nice and so the Romneya. The Tin Garden work has finished….

31st July

…Acer rufinerve in frame 2 of Mag globosa 1 of Acer wardii 4 of Michelia nitida Several Enkianthus roseflorus 1906 – JCW Very little but roses open and the Romneya….

1st August

…no labour. No Auriculatums yet. 1916 – JCW The Romneya at its top best say 200 flowers. 1907 – JCW Buddleia variabilis good, everlasting peas coming, roses nice, nothing much…

2nd August

…flowers on Mag sinensis, many on big Parviflora, and on all 3 evergreen Mag on big wall. Rho didymum very good in places. Romneya at its best. There has been…

7th August

…passing, cyclamen very good, hydrangeas good, roses good, go north in 2 days. 1909 – JCW Buddleias at their best, cyclamen one or two, most other things over. Romneya good….

22nd November

…1918 – JCW C sasanqua is very good indeed. 1897 – JCW A Camellia has several flowers open, Romneya coulteri has flowers on it, another of Engelhart’s seedlings above ground….

24th July

…We lately had some nice Ungernii x Auriculatum open. Romneyas wet but fair. 1924 – JCW Plagianthus very good. Buddleias good. Brunonis and American Pillars over. Decorum x Auriculatums very…