31st March

…Magnolia ‘Wadas Memory’ Magnolia ‘Wadas Memory’ First flowering here of Magnolia ‘Joe McDaniel’. Large plant on the drive at Burncoose. Magnolia ‘Joe McDaniel’ Magnolia ‘Joe McDaniel’ Magnolia ‘Mighty Mouse’ with…

8th April

…mix. Magnolia ‘Tropicana’ Magnolia ‘Tropicana’ Magnolia ‘Wadas Memory’ full out and unblemished. One of several today in the garden of this variety. Magnolia ‘Wadas Memory’ Magnolia ‘Wadas Memory’ Rhododendron fargesii…

29th March

…Magnolia salicifolia ‘Van Veen’. Nice shape to the flower when fully open and a very good scent. The flowers do not flop when fully open like M. salicifolia ‘Wadas Memory’….

10th January

…this in fact Magnolia ‘Wadas Memory’ ? Too high up to tell. This is above Crinodendron Hedge next to the Magnolia ‘Lanarth’. Magnolia ‘Dr Merrill’ Camellia reticulata ‘Mary Williams’ (1931…

21st January

…real spreader but the stimmer keeps it in check. Yushina anceps Yushina anceps Yushina anceps Despite not being on the plan for the area above the greenhouse this (from memory)…

April 2018 Irish trip (Day 4)

…Probably Rhododendron ciliicalyx or a named form was stunning. Rhododendron ciliicalyx Rhododendron ciliicalyx Rhododendron ciliicalyx Rhododendron ciliicalyx Rhododendron pocophorum Rhododendron pocophorum Rhododendron pocophorum Magnolia ‘Felicity’ (Magnolia sprengeri diva x ‘Wadas

10th April

…Linney which he refused to name. Magnolia mollicomata x Magnolia dawsoniana from memory but it is perhaps better than both? One of Dad’s hybrids Magnolia ‘Iolanthe’ is now full out….

29th February

…on to plant up the Tin Garden in the memory of my father mainly with plants bred and raised here by him and Philip Tregunna between 1955 and say 2005….

27th February

…wagnerianus Earlier in the week a sad moment when the family of Pam Kitts placed a beautiful bench in memory of Pam and her daughter on the lawn here. Pam…